Playable demo

See by yourself what Ultimate Terrains is capable of!


Download the playable demo for Windows
powered by Ultimate Terrains v3.0


The demo contains 4 examples of terrains:

  1. The first terrain is made of hills and caves, and contains a floating island next to the start position of the player. It shows how you can generate an infinite terrain with true caves. It also shows how grass is generated, how small vegetation is added (details objects) and how trees are spawned. You can dig the terrain and build walls.
  2. The second terrain is a weird alien terrain. It shows how you can generate an infinite terrain with giant canyons, floating rocks, giant caves and so on. It does not contain any tree nor grass, but it is ideal to see the powerfulness of the details system (GPU instanced objects) with tons of little bright rocks on the surface. You can of course dig the terrain as you wish.
  3. The third terrain is made of high mountains. It is also infinite, and its main interest is to show to incredible distance of view that Ultimate Terrains can offers.
  4. Finally, the fourth terrain is the same as the first one except that hills are cubic-style (Minecraft like).

Don’t wait more, download and play the demo now!

Note that the demo uses RTP3 for terrain texturing.