Biome variables & cave generation

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milesomeat asked 7 years ago

In all documentation I have found, it is stated over and over about being able to generate caves, yet I cannot seem to do so.  Also, is there a list or can we make a community post about what variables / scripts need to be used to make different biomes?  It would seem pretty easy for people to post “Hey, these are the settings for a desert”, etc. whenever someone perfects one.  As it sits, it’s a very hit and miss and MASSIVELY time consuming process to figure out a single biome.

milesomeat replied 7 years ago

I’m guessing the auther no longer checks or reads this forum. I will try posting on the Unity Asset store. If anyone has figured out the specifics of this product, please reach out as I think it’s great! Unfortunately there is so many variables it’s hard to figure out what to edit to get biomes and a good selector.