How to Clear Biome Editor

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JasonBricco asked 8 years ago


For some reason, I can’t figure out how to clear the biome editor. How can I remove noise and combiner nodes? And also, how can I delete a biome I added?

While I’m at it, is it possible to drag them around and re-position them? That would be really helpful.


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uTerrains Staff answered 8 years ago

You can remove modules or biomes by clicking on the red cross on the top left corner of their window.
It’s not possible to re-position them in the current version but I understand that it could be a helpful so I will add this feature.

JasonBricco replied 8 years ago

For some reason, I’m not seeing this red cross.

JasonBricco replied 8 years ago

Turns out it’s because I had the Editor Default Resources folder in the wrong spot. Fixed now!

uTerrains Staff replied 8 years ago

All right 🙂

rfinney replied 7 years ago

Excuse me, I’m also not seeing the red cross to remove detail objects, etc. How do I change the Editor Default Resources folder to be in the right spot so I see these red crosses? Thanks!