how to create a terrain with snowy mountains and tunnels

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ashkan_gc asked 4 years ago

I bought uTerrains yesterday and I want to make a world which has jungles and its mountains are snowy at the top but I want a road as well. When can we have a tutorial of making some terrain a bit more complex than current scenes. Also can any of the current generators be used for a road? I know I want the road to go around the world with some turns which makes it challenging, maybe any spline based generators?

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ashkan_gc answered 4 years ago

Well yes, Imagine having a jungle which you want to have some random roads going around it so I can have some interest points here and there which the player is supposed to go on the road and interact with them

uTerrains Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for buying uTerrains!
I’m working on documentation + tutorials so users can implement their own generators if they want or extend the existing one. I also hope to add more generators by default in the future.

A spline based generator would be very interesting actually. That’s a good idea.

To answer your question, if you want snow at the top and jungle in the valleys, you have two possibilities:
– if you use a triplanar shader like the one included that use vertex color control (ie. the vertex color stand for a particular texture in the shader), you can just set the color of vertices above a given altitude to let’s say, red, and add a snow texture to the red channel of your material. To do so, you can create distinct voxel types (ie. “valley” and “snow”) that has specific vertex color. You can also use a single voxel type and implement a specific vertex color selector for it.
– you can also use different materials (one for valleys, one for snow) that will belong to specific voxel types (ie. “valley” and “snow”).

What do you want for your road? Some kind of spline that creates tunnels & bridges automatically across the world?

ashkan_gc replied 4 years ago

Yup imagine having a jungle which has a set of interest points and I want to have a road going around it moving toward all those points so the player should travel to them all.