How to do an Bilinear interpolation between Biomes

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JotaRata asked 5 years ago

k the title says it all, my problem is that when I want to generate multiple Biomes with different vertical scales, it generate a kind of cliffs between Biomes.
Well I saw a video in Youtube of a guy making minecraft in one week, etc. But the point is that he has the same issue and he solved by doing something called Bilinear interpolation between the Biomes to apply a smooth effect and blah blah.
The thing is: I dont know how to do that thing in this engine, if anyone has a clue please share with us all

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uTerrains Staff answered 5 years ago

That’s a complicated one. The simplest (but still hard) way would be to create a “transitional” biome that is here just to make the transition between the two. Create a custom FinalCombiner so it Lerp the voxel value between the two biomes depending on the voxel location, and of course create a custom BiomeSelector to return the transitional biome at the proper locations.