Is there API documentation?

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bladedpenguin asked 7 years ago

As a programmer, I would like to be able to see the uTerrain API before I buy it. I’m hoping for ways of interacting with surfaces, especially during terrain generation,  since I’m planning on using very non-planetary world geometries. I would like to do object placement based on surface area rather than volume. Also, I think I need to be able to generate awkward navmeshes for things that don’t walk on the ground.
Also, I noticed that included is a DLL. Does that mean that this is only compatible with windows games? I’m still kinda new to Unity, so you have my apology if this is a stupid question.
Great job on the LOD! the 8k view distance is the main selling point of uTerrain for me. I want to be able to see huge hulking mountains/whatever in the distant background, and your demos do that in a spectacular way!