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JasonBricco asked 8 years ago

Hi there,

I had a look at your terrain asset, and it looks quite nice. However, it seems you don’t provide source code (for the most part). I’d like to ask some questions to see if the engine fits what I need for my game or not, before buying.

Some of these questions may seem a bit silly, but I like to be very sure that an asset will work for me before I buy it so please bear with me!

Also, I’m mainly looking at what I’m capable of doing here. For any of these, if it’s not in your engine but I’m capable of adding it myself, I’ll be satisfied. Or, if you’re planning on adding it in the future, I’ll also be satisfied.

1. Lighting: Does it provide a voxel lighting system? By this, I mean: it should be dark in the caves and underground, light out in the open. Should be able to have day and night modes (although not necessary to cycle between them over time). If the answer is no, do I have the ability to add it myself? Or will it be included in a future update?

2. Physics: does it use Unity’s standard mesh colliders? What are my options for supporting faster performing physics? Do I have access to the voxel data, to where I could put box colliders at voxel locations based on their types? Does it support a voxel raycaster, so that the player can modify terrain where there is no collider?

3. Voxel types: what’s the support for adding new block types? And does it use a tile sheet the way Minecraft does? I know your engine isn’t built to be purely blocky and also supports the smooth terrain. I have the feeling that when you say “blocky” in your engine, it’s not the same as the way I’m thinking about it when I think about Minecraft. Therefore, I would assume your system is different in this regard although I didn’t find a video showing information (granted, I didn’t look very hard). Also, how many different block types can be added? Note that I need specific textures per block, not a painting system that would be used on smooth terrain.

4. World loading: do I have the ability to unload a current world and load a different world while a world is currently loaded at runtime?

5. Support for custom biomes/block types making up a world? Documentation seems to say that there is great support for adding new biomes, though I’m unsure of how much control I have.

6. Support for custom block functionality? In other words, ice should be slippery. Portals should teleport the player. Lava should cause damage.

7. I saw you don’t have a working fluid simulation system. Will there be later? Can I add one myself?

8. In general, are the inspector settings exposed to scripting and able to be changed during runtime (where it makes sense to do so, anyway)? I’m really pushing for player control, rather than setting everything up in the inspector.
I believe that’s all I have for questions at the moment. Hope to hear back from you, and thanks for your time.


Edit: edited a question and added question #8.

JasonBricco replied 8 years ago

Days later, it says I posted this message a second ago… seems buggy. Did anyone even get it?