Where are the Terrain settings stored?

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JotaRata asked 5 years ago

Suddently I lost all my Biome data, I think the only solution is to reset the Ultimate terrains component and that will erase everything, I have a very complex Biome list..
I know that Uterrains make auto saves for all of its data, and obviously that have to be inside a file in my PC, so I need to find it now so i’ll check if I made a backup earlier…
Please I need an answer quickly as possible, I really need to have my data back!!

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JotaRata answered 5 years ago

Well I got a super-weird unity bug: (short story) After upgrading to Unity 2018.1 some scripts I made earlies thrown some errors, I fixed them but when I hit the play buttons UTerrains was trowing NullObject exceptions, A few minutes ago I saw the Generator Module Component (below UTerrains component) using Debug inspector and I saw a list of 8 Null biomes, Also I managed to do a backup of my scene file, I recovered it and everything went to normal.
Thanks for your answer, and sorry for my bad english I need to imporve it a lot..
And for the begginers with UTerrains: CHECK YOUR SCENE FILE EVERYTHING GOES THERE!

uTerrains Staff replied 5 years ago

I will check this problem with Unity 2018. Good to know you recovered your configuration! BTW, don’t hesitate to share some screenshots if you made a complex terrain! Would like to see it.

I think you can also save terrain configuration by making a prefab out of it (just drag & drop uTerrains object into Assets folder). This should save the whole terrain (and you can check this by using the prefab in another scene to see if all configuration is still there)

uTerrains Staff answered 5 years ago

Terrain configuration (including biome settings) are saved with the scene. There is no autosave for this. The only autosave that is made is when you edit the terrain with the Editor Tool.

I’ve found a problem on scene saving too. It looks like sometimes Ctrl+s does NOT save all terrain settings, but if you click on the scene in the hierarchy view and click on ‘save’, here it works. Looks like there is a bug with scene saving and I need to find a workaround to fix that.

I hope you haven’t encountered this problem too.